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posted by: odine taylor on 7/12/2013

pls. pray for my sister lois berry has colon cancer needs a miracle
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Divine favor
posted by: Eleshia on 7/9/2013

Please pray for divine favor over my life in all areas especially finance. Pray that a door will open & one of the jobs I applied for back home will call with good pay offer. Needing desperately to relocate back to Louisiana to help care for my sick dad who has cancer. The doctors are recommending hospice & I don't know what I would do if I was not able to spend his last days with him. Please pray with me on this.
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posted by: on 7/9/2013

dear father god, Free our son and the whole family from the bondage of sin, hatred, pride, unforgiven, unloved, condemnation, materialism, selfishness, materialism, rejection, perfectionism, jealousy, and the deliver all the cult and bondage from curse from the ancestor. Let the whole family repent and live peace filled life.
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Prayer for a friend
posted by: Suzanne on 7/4/2013

Please pray for Don P and his emotional healing. I'm asking The Lord to soften his heart, save him, take his fears away and give him peace and understanding. Thank u for praying!
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facing prison
posted by: alfonso on 7/4/2013

My Family and I, are in great need of prayer. I have some issues with the law. I'm Praying for strength and deliverance of this problem. I don't want to leave my family. But seems that I will. I'm not perfect, I have made some bad choices. That's the reason I am in this mess. So please pray for my family and me. God Bless
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posted by: on 6/18/2013

father.our life is living testimony of your kindness&goodness.right now we ask you in the name of Jesus for your touch upon our son.praise you,thank you ,glorify you for hearing&touching our son.God bless
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homeless, in college, unemployed and pennyless
posted by: jim on 6/18/2013

God's touch
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posted by: jim on 6/18/2013

Praying for her salvation.
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posted by: on 6/11/2013

Pray that Lord will prepare a loving caring Godly life partner for my son and his family life will be blessed through the marriage. They will enjoy a happy married life. roman8:28 And we know that all things works together for good those who love god.father we love you ,praise you &glorify you.thank you for hearing&answering our requests.god bless prayers.
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Prayer Request
posted by: on 6/10/2013

Please pray for our marriage. Pray that we never separate or divorce. Pray that we speak kind words to each other. Pray that this does not affect our son. God Bless, Rose
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