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xmas gift
posted by: on 12/2/2013

Please grant us&him the patience and tolerance necessary to calm ours&his spirit and help us&him to remember that You have everything under Your control and we have nothing to fear or worry. In Jesus’ name, Amen
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family harmony
posted by: on 10/29/2013

dear father,anoint us to go further in our life.give us peace,favor,miracle,mercy,break through,harmony in our relationship,health,wealth&success in our personal,professional&social life,thanks.
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Prayer request
posted by: Jn on 10/25/2013

Please pray that I get married and I am able to have healthy children. Please pray that I marry a good and wealthy man. Please pray for my relationship with my friend NJ. Please pray that I get a new job and I work with good and kind people. Please pray for my health. Please pray for my family's health and well being. Thank you and God bless.
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my sister demon tring to destory her
posted by: milah on 9/12/2013

My sister natalia needs prayer she meet a guy we believe to be demon possessed and that he is being used to try to destpry my sisters life and soul spirit. We think he has a tight grip on her already
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God's Guidance, Help, Wisdom
posted by: Seth on 9/9/2013

I have an unspoken prayer request that I've written up on a sheet of paper, that's very important. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer the complete prayer request. Pray for God's extraordinary guidance, help and wisdom with what I've asked for, and the perseverance to carry it through. Also, pray that everywhere I send this prayer request, that God will move many powerful prayer warriors to pray over it fervently, with great faith. Thanks.
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posted by: on 8/24/2013

dear Father, grace upon our son&his situation which is very complicated and personal but He knows my circumstances and the situation and I ask for ur mercy and peace at this very stressful time. I know that u r working ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR GOOD and that ur mercy endures forever. Thank you for your mercy,favor&smile upon our son and for caring. GOD IS AWESOME! PRAYER WORKS!!
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posted by: on 8/22/2013

Dear Lord bless my children in all that they do. Keep them safe and grant them peace , blessings and favor in their lives. As I leave our son at shef, keep him safe. .anoint him for safe travel back home or trips. Give him &us peace and power in Jesus' name. We ask these things because we love and worship you Lord. Amen
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posted by: on 7/26/2013

dear father god,grace upon vaz resume&uk job.now he wants your touch on his next job,guide&direct each of the interview person for accepting vaz as good employer .give 2nd chance for him,anoint ra visit became fruitful trip.ra transition ,meetings needs your grace.help him .place ag&dd wants to china job at rz place.Please fill our lives & home with only positive peaceful beneficial energies Protect us always from any kind of negativity. Bless & heal any ill intent from others bring consistent harmony respect & calm to all relationships within the family & others -
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have mercy on us
posted by: on 7/25/2013

lord,after my prayers,at time things are going into wrong direction,rectify the situation. remove all self-deprecating thoughts replace it with intense joy&heal av.u know all,nothing is hard for u,grace upon our home.thanks to lord&prayers.
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posted by: on 7/15/2013

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?—Psalm 27:1 Almighty and merciful Father, by the power of Your command, help us,forgive our sin&make us clean&victorious.Pray for that our blessing will not be far from me for lord overlook our transgression sins and toss them as far east as the west to pardon forgive us of past Sins transgression iniquity bless us.father, release our son from the strongholds causing issues disrupting my family.thanks to prayers,glory be to heavenly father.thanks
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