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VA pension Check & Honda Car
posted by: Jerome Pierce on 4/15/2014

Please pray that the Department of Veterans Affairs Pension committee group at 1st Federal Drive in ST Paul, Minnesota 55111 will not terminate My Veteran NON-Service Pension check I'd receive 1st of each month. I'd would be Homeless if they stop/ or terminate my pension check. 2Nd prayer requests is Pray that GOD will heal My 2 Door Black 2001 Honda Accord coupe car will perform like a Brand new Honda car. . Thanks Brother Jerome Pierce
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anointment,touch of god.
posted by: on 2/17/2014

I'm asking God to touch my heart, remove all resentment, anger,hurt, selfishness, jealousy, envy from my heart, mind, soul and spirit. For those I may have hurt, offended or angered may God open their heart, mind, soul and spirit to forgiving me. Please pray for me and my sister that the issues we are having with our necks turns out to be nothing serious. Amen.
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Needs for Family
posted by: Tamara on 2/12/2014

Prayer for my dad and stepmom: Paul and Donna need spiritual upliftment, answer to/relief from financial difficulties, ease anxieties (God's peace), perseverance/strength to take care of 2 grandkids and to fix/sell house, healing for Paul's foot and protection from the enemy.
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posted by: zav on 2/12/2014

pray to God, please guide me down the right path to bring me home to take care of my parents. They are getting older and more feeble and I want to be there now more than ever. Thank you for saving my father so many times. I get upset leaving them after I visit and would love to be there to help. My homesickness is unbearable. Please help me find the best way back. Thank you .
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Army PT Test
posted by: Seth on 2/7/2014

I'm a medic in the US Army, and because we pull sick-call in the mornings and work long days, they usually don't do organized PT. I haven't been disciplined enough in exercising regularly, and I just found out we have a PT test coming up soon. Please pray for me that I'll do well in the PT test. Pray that God will forge in me the discipline to do dedicate, focused PT so I can always be sure to do well on the tests (and greater discipline in other areas as well). Pray for the wisdom, guidance and discipline to prepare well for this test. Pray that I'll do well anyway, this time, by God's grace. And pray that it won't be below freezing weather like it's been, but that it'll be much warmer that morning so I can do well. Also, pray for my ministry. Thanks for your prayers.
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Prayer for me and this ministry
posted by: Christopher Rankin on 1/8/2014

Please pray that I turn my entire life over to Jesus and let him be in charge. Also pray dor this online Church group to go places we could only dream.
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show us way
posted by: on 1/8/2014

thank you lord for guiding our finances and helping us each day to pay this debt down .please keep guiding us and showing us different ways to get out of this debt mess i have made .Jim is working so hard and feels he is spinning his wheels .show me ways to get out of it and have a savings so when things happen we are prepared
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Family Prayers needed
posted by: Dorie on 1/7/2014

Father in heaven, please send me a sign on knowing what I should do. Everything has been so negative, however, I know that you have a positive coming my way! Please pray that this sign will keep me in my home, with my husband and my children! Please pray that my job will pick up and we don't lose our home, please hear my prayers and give me a sign!!! I life up my pain, worries, and fears to you!!! Amen
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god`s touch
posted by: on 1/3/2014

Father in Heaven,This is not our first storm we have been through so far.god you restored,released your miracle for us&our children. i believe you,praise you ,thank you for quick release of favor for our son,his job,offer&peace filled life.every battle that I have ever encountered in my life is now in God's Loving hands.battle belongs to god,victory belongs to us.,you said:“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” -Exodus 23:20 .we need your guidance,anointing for our son,his wealth,his new job,new place,marriage.right now we need your touch upon our son mail box for his job offer .release your mercy upon us on this 2014.thanks.
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posted by: on 12/10/2013

FATHER,today through this noble prayers,i`m expecting your the great anointing for our mail box.an offer mail for our son.kindly bless him,move him from the present condition,make him whole by your merciful love.thanks.
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