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posted by: on 6/20/2014

I look for Gods Grace for our son everyday and wish that he get job offer sooner. he is very lonely and ask lord would take away the pain of loneliness. I pray everyday that he will send him the right girl as a life partner to share his life and that together they can share a God inspired life.thanks.
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posted by: on 6/15/2014

The Lord knows and understands the desires of my heart. May my prayers be answered, my disappointments turn to blessings, and true love ignited by His righteous hand.Lord restore joy, hope, and an all knowing faith that He will provide the peace&victory for us here on earth as it is in heaven.i put my son job&marriage in your hand,make it successful by your miracle. lord.i am facing same kind of pressure ,depression when i was dealing with my daughter,now this is my son turn.kindly anoint him stay calm&lead his life with peace&success.thanks.
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posted by: on 6/12/2014

Lord, thank You for all the blessings You have bestowed on my son and my family. We are so thankful and grateful. God anoint your favor n protection for my son at work place n in his personal life, I believe God answers prayers .
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posted by: on 6/9/2014

father,I thank you for every blessing that you have given us. I thank you God for your help in the matters that have been weighing on me.God I am standing on Your word that You will restore what was lost &fill what we need to.. I'm asking you to connect life partner for our son, who will care about him&family. I won't stop until You provide it. I love trust and believe in You. In Jesus name Amen
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posted by: on 6/4/2014

God thank you for this day. I know it's going to be wonderful because we have you. God anoint our son to get the job that brings joy into our family. I pray for victory, marriage, and peace for our son. God I put everything in your hands. I thank you in advance for answering my prayers. Thank you for loving me. AMEN!
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posted by: on 6/4/2014

Thank you Father for all of your blessing this week for our son. I trust, and have faith in only you Lord. I believe in your word. I raise my prayers up to you Lord. We need a blessing and miracle
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posted by: on 6/3/2014

"see,i have removed your iniquity from you and i will clothe with rich robes Zechariah 3:4 " father, I submit our son loneliness, emptiness, barrenness, struggles, lack, dry seasons, addictions, bondage, drought, brokenness, limitations, depression, oppression, battles, infirmities & sorrows to you.I ask for our son new growth, divine advantage, new beginnings, divine connections, good breaks, increase, promotion, influence, open doors of opportunities,blessings,breakthroughs & miracles. Thank you God.
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answer my prayer
posted by: on 6/2/2014

Lord, you know what's inside my heart. Please hear my prayers. Please answer my prayers. Please grant my heart's desires. Please erase all the fears and worries that I do have. Please God, grant my requests. Please, Lord, I beg you, please hear my prayers. Please answer my prayers with "Yes," Please, Lord. I am begging you. Please hear my prayers.
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posted by: on 6/1/2014

Prayer of thanks to God Almighty, for life, and His many blessings in my life. Thank you for all volunteers who commit themselves to pray for others,need prayer for my son job,marriage &peace .god bless.
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Glory be to Father
posted by: on 5/22/2014

Praises and thanks for many blessings and answered prayers. Requesting forgiveness for past indiscretions. Thanks to people those who pray for others. For those who Needing employment, peace of mind, financial security, healing. Praise the Lord! We Glorify you father for the miracles You have given during my lifetime. You have orchestrated the details of our family and each time You have answered our prayers for a better way for all. Thank you Father
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