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The Meaning of Foot Washing

On the evening before His death, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, then instructed that His followers would continue this practice to help us remember. What are we to learn from this simple but profound observance?

Peter was puzzled as Jesus of Nazareth knelt down to wash His disciples' feet. Jesus and the 12 apostles had gathered in a private room. He had earlier directed Peter and John to prepare their last meal together. It was during this time that Jesus instituted the symbols of the New Testament Passover: The unleavened bread would represent His broken body and the wine would signify His blood that He would lose less than a day later.

Peter was watching, fascinated, as Jesus bent down to wash His disciples' feet. This was unusual, even strange, to see a teacher washing His followers' feet.

Peter had observed Jesus rising during supper to remove His outer garment and wrap a towel around His waist. Peter well knew this was an act customarily performed by slaves or servants. In that day, whenever guests were invited to a home, the lowliest household slave or servant washed the guests' feet. (John:1:27 and Luke:7:44 refer to this custom.) In this case, since this was a private gathering, no servants were present to carry out the menial job of removing sandals and washing the feet of guests.

Wasn't Jesus too good for this?

What was Jesus doing? Surely it was beneath Him to abase Himself in this way. As Jesus moved from one disciple to another, the room probably quieted. All eyes followed Jesus' every move. The disciples shifted their positions to watch Him lift the pitcher of water and pour it into a basin.

Carefully, systematically, Jesus moved from disciple to disciple, washing each man's feet. Peter looked on transfixed, scrutinizing Jesus' every move. Peter suddenly realized it was his turn.

As Jesus bent down to wash his feet, Peter blurted out, "Lord, are You washing my feet?" (John:13:6, emphasis added throughout). Apparently Peter was the only one who openly questioned—and protested—his Master's actions. His understanding of Jesus' behavior wouldn't come until God gave the disciples His Holy Spirit. Only later would they comprehend the spiritual significance of this act of humility and the symbols Jesus instituted during that evening's Passover service.

Jesus responded simply, "What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this" (verse 7). Of course, Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit's revelatory power, which would eventually guide the disciples' understanding (John:16:13), enabling them to grasp the spiritual meaning of this physical act. Later they would understand that this ceremony signifies the Christian's humble service to God, His Church and mankind.

Again, Peter's impetuosity surfaced. He protested that Jesus should never lower Himself to the undignified demeanor of a servant: "You shall never wash my feet!"

Jesus Christ calmly responded, "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me" (John:13:8).

Peter's next saying mirrors our human tendency to overreact: "Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head!" (verse 9).

Our Savior then informed Peter: "He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you" (verse 10).

He made clear that the act of washing each other's feet is not really an exercise in personal hygiene. Although His disciples wouldn't understand until later, Jesus spoke of becoming spiritually cleansed, which would happen through His shed blood and death for the sins of humanity.

One man among the disciples was not clean in spirit: Judas Iscariot, who would betray the Savior. Jesus knew who would betray Him, "therefore He said, 'You are not all clean'" (verse 11).

Lessons for Christ's followers

What are we to learn from Jesus Christ's act of humility? Jesus Himself clearly explained the primary lesson of foot-washing: "You call me Teacher and Lord, and you say well, for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet" (verses 13-14).

In other words, if Jesus Christ is willing to humbly and unconditionally serve His followers in a lowly human task, those disciples should follow His example and be willing to perform even the most unpleasant tasks for their brethren and mankind.

The apostle John, who recorded these events, later explained this attitude with a simple question: "But whoever has this world's goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?" (1 John:3:17). No follower of Christ is to set himself above serving any other human being. God observes His people and blesses those who honor Him by serving as conduits of His truth and examples of true spirituality.

Jesus instituted the foot-washing ceremony to illustrate that He had come to serve mankind. He had earlier made this clear to those who would follow Him: "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many" (Matthew:20:25-28).

Christ's ultimate service for mankind was his willingness to give His life for us, which was to happen the next afternoon. His example of humility, service and generosity is all the more poignant because of its contrast with the attitude of the rest of humanity. Our natural tendency is to look for ways to make others serve us. God's way, on the other hand, is unpretentious, willing service to others.

Serving others God's way imposes no conditions and expects no reward: "But love [even] your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil" (Luke:6:35). This powerful scripture tells us much about God's character—that His approach is one of unbiased service to mankind.

Spiritual system at work

Jesus reveals to us a spiritual system that lets everyone come out ahead. It is not the way we normally, naturally think. That is why we must change to God's way, which works forever.

Our way does not work for long. Although we may temporarily benefit, in the long run our human way of doing things traps us. Service to others lives on, but taking or serving only the self dies with those who seek to serve themselves.

Those who would follow Jesus Christ must ask a tough question: Will we dedicate ourselves to Jesus' way of outgoing, humble service toward others, or will we go the way of the world, demanding and taking and serving ourselves? Christ's example of washing His friends' feet is a reminder of that fundamental choice.

You can do three things that will help you understand and capture Jesus' attitude as He washed His disciples' feet:

  • Ask God to help you better understand and practice the spirit of foot-washing.
  • Seek God's attitude of humility and service by researching and studying the many examples of it in your Bible, including Abraham, Ruth and Daniel.
  • Look for ways to serve others.

Every year as we approach the Passover season, let's keep in mind the wonderful lesson of washing others' feet, which symbolizes our serving others with humility and without imposing our own conditions. Jesus tells us to emulate His actions in this simple ceremony: "For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you" (John:13:15).

Then He shows us the results of a selfless, serving attitude: "If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them" (verse 17). GN  

New Years Poem

A New Year's Poem for Christians

Instead of making a New Year's resolution
Consider committing to a biblical solution
Your promises are easily broken
Empty words, though earnestly spoken
But God's Word transforms the soul
By His Holy Spirit making you whole
As you spend time alone with Him
He will change you from within

-- Mary Fairchild

Join us at New Life Apostolic Church in Naples FL.


Candy Cane Poem

Christmas Candy Cane Poem about Jesus

Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me
White is for my Savior
Who’s sinless and pure!
“J” is for Jesus My Lord, that’s for sure!
Turn it around
And a staff you will see
Jesus my shepherd
Was born for Me!


Church Naples


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"That's My King"

The late Dr. S. M.  Lockeridge, a pastor from San Diego, California
said these words in a sermon in Detroit in 1976:

My King was born King. The Bible says He's a Seven Way King. He's the King of the Jews - that's an Ethnic King. He's the King of Israel - that's a National King. He's the King of righteousness. He's the King of the ages. He's the King of Heaven. He's the King of glory. He's the King of kings and He is the Lord of lords. Now that's my King.

Well, I wonder if you know Him. Do you know Him? Don't try to mislead me. Do you know my King? David said the Heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork. My King is the only one of whom there are no means of measure that can define His limitless love. No far seeing telescope can bring into visibility the coastline of the shore of His supplies. No barriers can hinder Him from pouring out His blessing.

He's enduringly strong. He's entirely sincere. He's eternally steadfast. He's immortally graceful. He's imperially powerful. He's impartially merciful. That's my King. He's God's Son. He's the sinner's saviour. He's the centerpiece of civilization. He stands alone in Himself. He's honest. He's unique. He's unparalleled. He's unprecedented. He's supreme. He's pre-eminent. He's the grandest idea in literature. He's the highest personality in philosophy. He's the supreme problem in higher criticism. He's the fundamental doctrine of historic theology. He's the carnal necessity of spiritual religion. That's my King.

He's the miracle of the age. He's the superlative of everything good that you choose to call Him. He's the only one able to supply all our needs simultaneously. He supplies strength for the weak. He's available for the tempted and the tried. He sympathizes and He saves. He's the Almighty God who guides and keeps all his people. He heals the sick. He cleanses the lepers. He forgives sinners. He discharged debtors. He delivers the captives. He defends the feeble. He blesses the young. He serves the unfortunate. He regards the aged. He rewards the diligent and He beautifies the meek. That's my King.

Do you know Him? Well, my King is a King of knowledge. He's the wellspring of wisdom. He's the doorway of deliverance. He's the pathway of peace. He's the roadway of righteousness. He's the highway of holiness. He's the gateway of glory. He's the master of the mighty. He's the captain of the conquerors. He's the head of the heroes. He's the leader of the legislatures. He's the overseer of the overcomers. He's the governor of governors. He's the prince of princes. He's the King of kings and He's the Lord of lords. That's my King.

His office is manifold. His promise is sure. His light is matchless. His goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting. His love never changes. His Word is enough. His grace is sufficient. His reign is righteous. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I wish I could describe Him to you . . . but He's indescribable. That's my King. He's incomprehensible, He's invincible, and He is irresistible.

I'm coming to tell you this, that the heavens of heavens can't contain Him, let alone some man explain Him. You can't get Him out of your mind. You can't get Him off of your hands. You can't outlive Him and you can't live without Him. The Pharisees couldn't stand Him, but they found out they couldn't stop Him. Pilate couldn't find any fault in Him. The witnesses couldn't get their testimonies to agree about Him. Herod couldn't kill Him. Death couldn't handle Him and the grave couldn't hold Him. That's my King.

He always has been and He always will be. I'm talking about the fact that He had no predecessor and He'll have no successor. There's nobody before Him and there'll be nobody after Him. You can't impeach Him and He's not going to resign. That's my King! That's my King!

Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Well, all the power belongs to my King. We're around here talking about black power and white power and green power, but in the end all that matters is God's power. Thine is the power. Yeah. And the glory. We try to get prestige and honor and glory for ourselves, but the glory is all His. Yes. Thine is the Kingdom and the power and glory, forever and ever and ever and ever. How long is that? Forever and ever and ever and ever. . . And when you get through with all of the ever's, then . . .Amen!

I'm A Soldier


I promise to support and defend the Word of God against all enemies. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commander in Chief. The Holy Bible is my Code of Conduct. Faith, Prayer and the Word are my weapons of warfare! I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity, and tested by fire!


I will not get out, sell out, be talked out, or pushed out! I am faithful, reliable, capable, and dependable!  If my God needs me, I am there! If He needs me in Sunday School to teach children, work with youth, help adults or just sit and learn, He can use me because I am there!


I am not a baby!  I do not need to be pampered, petted, primed up, pumped up, pushed or pepped up!


No one has to pay me, bribe me, entice me, or lure me!


I am not a wimp! I am in place saluting my King. Obeying His orders, praising His name and building His Kingdom!


I cannot have my feelings hurt bad enough to turn me around! I cannot be discouraged enough to cause me to quit! When Jesus called me into this Army, I had nothing! If I end up with nothing, I will still come out even!   I will win! My God will supply all my needs! I am more than a conqueror!


Devils cannot defeat me!   People cannot disillusion me! Weather cannot weary me!   Sickness cannot stop me! Battles cannot defeat me!   Money cannot buy me! Governments cannot silence me and the demons ----they all hate me!


Even death cannot destroy me! For when my Commander calls me from this battlefield, He will promote me and I will receive my reward!


and I am marching, claiming victory! I will not give up! I will not turn around!


Im marching Heaven-bound! Here I stand! 

Church Planting?

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The terminology "Church Planting"  just seems like an old-fashioned, traditional, not out of the box approach to things. Granted there have been countless successful, innovative church planters. But the expression, "church planting" seems so uninviting.

When I begin to think of planting, I picture a sweaty, blistered, struggling man drudging his way through the fields planting seeds with a hopeful optimism that all of the agricultural aspects of a successful harvest are present. Granted, building a church is hard work and takes an extremely dedicated, resilient person. But our mindset must be adjusted a little bit into thinking that building a church is more than some painfully, arduous task that has to be a slow and even at times unproductive. Look at the words of Jesus when He begins to encourage the disciples to reach the lost, John 4:34,36.

Jesus said, "The food that keeps me going is that I do the will of the One who sent me, finishing the work he started. As you look around right now, wouldn't you say that in about four months it will be time to harvest? Well, I'm telling you to open your eyes and take a good look at what's right in front of you. These Samaritan fields are ripe. It's harvest time! [36] "The Harvester isn't waiting. He's taking his pay, gathering in this grain that's ripe for eternal life. Now the Sower is arm in arm with the Harvester, triumphant. That's the truth of the saying, 'This one sows, that one harvests.' I sent you to harvest a field you never worked. Without lifting a finger, you have walked in on a field worked long and hard by others."

In this text He breaks ALL the rules for typical planting and harvesting.

1. Successful Church Growth Must Take A Long Time- "...wouldn't you say that in about four months it will be time to harvest?" What Jesus is saying here is that according to your preconceived ideas of planting and harvesting that there are laws that should restrict you from experiencing growth. It's unfortunate that the guy who is experiencing rapid growth is always accused of doing something wrong. "Oh, well they are not really a church. They are just a social club." Or the ever more popular accusation "They really are not preaching the message any longer!" In doing this and mischaracterizing church planters that are experiencing tremendous growth we have almost severed the possibility of our churches experiencing similar results. When we look at the first church in the book of Acts growing from 120 to 3000 in the blink of an eye, we have to question if these statements would be accurate (Acts 2:41). The book of Acts church growth is further described as "growing daily" (Acts 2:47). It is a sobering question that is often worth asking "Are we like the book of Acts church?"

2. Sometimes We Just Have To Wait For Growth to Happen- "the harvester is not waiting..." There are countless fields that have already been planted, watered and are waiting for some brave, bold individual to step in to them and harvest the fields. I would never want to minimize the labors of those that have diligently plowed the fields and opened doors of opportunity for others to step through, but there are fields that are white and ready to harvest. Jesus is asking the question "What are you waiting for?" Our prayer must be that God would open our eyes to see the hungry masses that are longing for someone to come to them and offer them that hope that their heart has been searching for. Lady

Liberty stands in the New York's Harbor with this inscription at her base-

 Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

This so aptly describes the spiritual state of people around the world. They are hungry, homeless, yearning to breathe a life of spiritual freedom. As God's church we have what they are looking for, but we have to be more than an immoveable statue standing with the Light lifted in the air. We cannot wait for the lost to come to the Light, we must take the Light to the lost.

3. Our Growth Will Be Equal to How Much We Work- "I sent you to harvest a field you never worked" . I know this can sound like a misleading statement and be perceived by some that church growth is like winning the evangelism lottery. But again, let me stress, planting a church is extremely hard work and not for lazy people! But understand this is not merely some secular career path or something that can be done with just our own personal gifts and talents. This is more than doing a work for God, this is doing a work with God. Your growth is not confined or limited to the amount of work that you do, rather it is connected with a God who is able to give increase that breaks all the laws of the natural. We see all throughout the book of Acts that the first "Church-Planters" often times found themselves stepping into a city and entire communities were transformed by their message. It's easy for us to come to the conclusion that it was more than just hard work, sweat and perseverance. This came about by God giving increase.

 There are principles and truths that we must gleam from in the first church. Our mission must never to redefine or change the church into what we think it should be, but rather, let us rediscover what the church was in the book of Acts and use them as our model. We must be a living, breathing body that is willing to change our approaches and methods, while we still hold firmly to the message of Jesus Christ. 

Book Bag Give- Away

Wow! What a tremendously exciting service we had on Sunday, August 21st, 2011. This was our annual back to school, book bag give-away service! I want to personally thank all of those that worked so hard to make this monumental event a great success. New Life, you all displayed a beautiful spirit of unity and teamwork. To see all of this go so smoothly was nothing less than a miracle. As most of you know the pre-planning, praying and sacrificial giving is what made all this possible.

Again, let me thank all of our business sponsors who partnered with New Life either through giving financially or by services. Links to our business sponsors can be located http://www.newlifegg.com/sponsors/index.html

I think one of the first indications that we were going to have a terrific turnout is when we pulled up in the parking lot two hours before the event was scheduled to begin and there was already a long line stretching out into the parking lot. My next big surprise was seeing the NBC2 News van pulling up to give us not only LIVE coverage but also another story ran in the Sunday evening news. We give the Lord all praise and glory for His blessings upon New Life.

I stand in amazement when calculating the total attendance and realize that we had between 1000-1100 people. That is a staggering amount of people for a church that was just launched only two years ago. Again, to God be the glory! Furthermore, we are thankful for a beautiful altar call with droves of people flooding the altar, with tear-filled faces and God ministering to families present, leading to six being baptized. The children had a fun-filled, exciting time in the gymnasium, where children’s evangelist Mark Glasgow and family ministered. I heard the great reports of what took place over there and would again like to extend my personal thanks and appreciation for their ministry! We look forward to having them back in the future.

Let us continue to pray for each and every family that was represented in this service and believe that God will open doors for New Life to serve our community. New Life- More than just a church!


Here is a link to the coverage that New Life received in regards to this event:




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The Potter's House

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Jeremiah 18:1 The word which came to Jeremiah from the LORD, saying,
2 Arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.
3 Then I went down to the potter's house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.
4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.
5 Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying,
6 O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

Step over the broken vessels and marred masterpieces where clay is being pounded, wheels are spinning, and the hands off the potter are at work. Off in the distance you can feel the sweltering heat of the furnace in which the vessels are carefully placed in to later be removed.

The Potter’s House

There he sits upon his stool. Sweat dripping down his brow, clay beneath his nails, his hands pressing down upon the mound of clay. Spinning, molding, making, breaking, washing, pulling, pounding, cleaning, baking…

We are at The Potter’s House

Vases, jars, plates, decorative, ornate, simple, costly, big and small…but they are all vessels at

The Potter’s House

It is in this setting that God grips Jeremiah and says “It is here in a place like this…I want to teach you some things!”

Of all the trades that could have illustrated an important truth it was here at the Potter’s House that God wanted to show Jeremiah some things.

A place where things were created- a place where work was going on. A place where the Potter was molding and making the clay into a creation of his very own hands.

I wander if there is anybody daring enough to go with me on a Journey to the Potter’s House!
It may not be an easy Journey---but are you willing to go DOWN to the Potter’s House!

One of the very first things Jeremiah had to understand is:

1. YOU HAVE TO ARISE- to go to the Potter’s House

Jeremiah 18:2 Arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words. 

I challenge you today to step out of where you are at and what you are doing and willingly to the Journey to the Potter's House! A place where God can change you, mold you and make you into what He wants you to be. Surrender yourself and your will over to God and see what He can do in your life. Are you ready to GET UP and GO to the Potter's House?


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The Guard's Monologue

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We were there that day. I still remember it like it was yesterday. We woke up early in the morning as the captain called us for an important duty. There was a mob of people gathered together. Apparently a Jew was among them proclaiming that He was the Messiah. Proclaiming that He was God! His reputation had spread across the region. Some say that He was a prophet. Some say He was a lunatic. But others were calling Him Lord. This could not be! We had heard about Him for some time and now He was causing an uprising. We had been searching for him but He always seemed to evade us.
It was late into the night I heard a knock upon the door of our quarters. I knew it must had been something important to beckon us at a strange hour of the night.
They had found Him. Over in the garden. We could take him captive and He would be judged for His crime. We gathered our stuff together, raced down the cobble stone stairs. The flickering of the torches could be seen as we came upon this man called Jesus. Finally He could be punished for the uprising He was causing. This man causing rebellion among the people would no longer be a disturbance. Anybody that would come against the Roman empire would face a swift and cruel death. This man would be an example. This man could go on no longer. We must find Him and punish Him. As one of His followers by the name of Judas led us to where He was we came closer and I could hear the sounds of someone praying with an unearthly intensity. FATHER IF IT'S POSSIBLE LET THIS CUP PASS! My soul shook at the sounds of this prayer I heard.
I heard a commotion of other voices . As we weaved through the mass of olive trees, it is then when I first laid eyes on this man named Jesus. I was expecting to see the face of a man enraged with anger and fury. But this is not what I saw. I saw the eyes of a man filled with an apparent love and compassion. He was not fearful or resistant...it was as if He was expecting us. We raced toward Him and His faithful followers surrounded Him pushing us away from Him. In the hustle a sword was drawn and I heard a scream come forth from one of my fellow soldiers. He was bleeding profusely as he held his hand against his ear. I saw this man Jesus reach down to the ground a pick up the soldiers ear that had be cut off in the fight. Never a man could have done this, but He reached and placed the ear back onto the soldiers head. The bleeding stopped and his ear was whole. I felt like running the other direction at this point. Was my eyes deceiving me? Had I seen
what I just saw?
His eyes stared at us still filled with love, compassion and mercy. He didn't resist. He knew where He was going. He knew what was happening.
He was led through the night. Before rulers, He was given the chance to recant His claims...but He did not. WHO WAS THIS MAN? WHO COULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?
Were the claims true? Had He really opened the eyes of the blind? Had He really walked upon the waves of storms? Had He really spoke forth a dead man's name and life came to the grave? WHO WAS THIS MAN?
My head was spinning...my heart was pounding! I could not understand what was happening!
It seems the next time I looked into His eyes He was tied to a post. He was facing one of the most brutal forms of punishment created by man. Tied helplessly to this post, stripped of His garments and back exposed a large whip woven with bone, metal and glass tore into His flesh. With each lashing the screams of this man Jesus shook me to the core. He would glance through the crowd as if His heart and mind was miles away. When I saw those eyes I knew there was something different about this man. When I saw His eyes I knew that these were the eyes of an innocent man. When I saw these eyes I could almost hear Him say to me- I'm doing this for you!
Each drop of blood I knew He was doing this for me!
Each stripe that was placed upon His back- He was doing this for me!
As the crown which was made in mockery, woven with jagged thorns, was placed upon his head- He was going through this for ME!!
As He was punched, mocked and beaten He was doing this for me!
He would be sentenced to death DEATH BY THE CROSS!
Our band of soldiers prepared the cross. This wooded instrument of death. One of the most horrific, painful and horrible ways for a man to die! I wish I could of ran that day. i wish I could have turned around and went off into the darkness of the night. If I did I would die also. I could not rebel against the orders given to me.
As He carried that cross up the steep winding roads. Each step He took was filled with pain. Falling many times a man from the crowd raced to His side and helped Him bare the cross. This man must had seen the look in His eyes. I'm still haunted night after night by those eyes. Those eyes that said "You may not know me...but I love you!" I don't know what it was, but those eyes were not the eyes of an ordinary man!
As we came to the top of the steep hill called Golgotha- The cross was laid flat on the ground. The crowd was crying out Crucify Him. Others were sobbing and crying. I looked in shock and horror and than a guard quickly turned to me thrusting a large hammer and spike my direction. Commanding me to begin the crucifixion! I had done this many times in the past without hesitation. But as I held the hammer and nail in my hands I shook like a tree trembling in the wind. Sweat raced down my brow. I could hear my heart pounding in my ear. My ear- I remembered what He had just done in the garden to my fellow soldier with his ear.
I tried to push any thoughts far from my mind. As I pushed His hand down upon the cross and began pounding large spikes through His quivering flesh. I heard the moans of pain and agony cry from His lips. Through His feet and than the cross was raised high into the air dropping to the earth with a loud thunder. The hours went by so painfully slow. The earth shook, the sun grew dark! Truly this was not another man. Truly this had to be the son of God- Our Savior- Our Messiah
His eyes scanned across the horizon and I believe He looked at me and I believe He looked at you- And gasping for His last breaths He cried out IT IS FINISHED!

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God's Garbage

Maybe you’ve seen an episode or two of this intriguing series brought to you by the History channel. It’s called “American Pickers”. Two professional pickers or what some may call glorified garbage collectors, travel across the nation, digging through junk yards and old, eccentric people’s backyard, looking for a hidden treasure. The items they may load in their van may be something as simple as a rusted barber sign to an old Model T. They bring to life the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

            What’s as equally interesting as the stuff they find, is the people they bargain and negotiate with, for the junk.  It takes a unique individual that would devote a lifetime and 20 acres of property to collecting junk. Rusty refrigerators, bent signs, empty cans, heaps and mounds of mechanical mess…yet these men call it a gold mine. Hour after hour they scour through this junk, this garbage, this rummage and find priceless jewels!

            What type of madness is this? Garbage pickers used to be a slur to an individual. Now it is a popular program on television. Sometimes I watch these guys and glance at my wife with a look that says “You want to go do this Saturday?” Yet, as odd as it may sound I think that there are some striking similarities between these men and God!


All throughout the pages of God’s Word it tells a timeless story of a God who was reaching out to garbage.

I Corinthians 1: 26My dear friends, remember what you were when God chose you. The people of this world didn't think that many of you were wise. Only a few of you were in places of power, and not many of you came from important families. 27But God chose the foolish things of this world to put the wise to shame. He chose the weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame.

Yes, that’s right when God chose you; others would have deemed you as junk! We were useless, we lacked value, and we didn’t have a whole lot to offer. But, God looked at us and when others saw junk, He saw a treasure!

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